Hi! I’m Dr. Rachna Jain, creator of the Profitable Popularity method. I’ve been working online since 1998, and the internet has changed quite a lot since then!

rachna-headThe interplay of human psychology and technology has always intrigued me. I first became interested in online marketing when I saw the potential to reach thousands of people all around the world. It always amazes me that the Internet allows me to connect with and influence people I’ve never met in person. It’s one of the best ways to create income and visibility more easily.

In a business sense, Internet marketing has been very good for me, as it’s enabled me to successfully build three distinct multi-six figure service businesses since I first began working online.

In my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the most well known authors, speakers, consultants, and coaches in the world- people like Mark Victor Hansen, Loral Langemeier, Joel Bauer, Andrea J. Lee, Kevin Nations, Dave Lakhani, Mark Silver, Casey Truffo and Terri Levine–just to name a few from my client list.

While I worked on different kinds of projects for each of these clients, there were commonalities in what I did, and most of it centered around building communities, generating traffic, and assisting with monetization and conversion.

In the simplest terms, I helped grow their fan base (using a combination of content marketing, traffic generation, and search engine optimization strategies), and I helped them monetize this increased visibility through direct service sales, continuity program sales and individual product sales. I helped them test their sales processes and conversion funnels and optimized these for best results. In essence, I helped them become more profitable and more popular.

My deepest goal in my business is to help my clients streamline their businesses so they are efficiently making more money and creating more impact. Most of the time, this involves simplifying and improving rather than adding more.

As far as my own professional accomplishments, here’s the short list:

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

Named one of the top small business bloggers by MSN.com

Contributing Editor,
Hearst Family of Publications

Appeared on NBC’s Today Show

Expertise in building
authority presence and
generating leads online

Quoted in more than 500 major media publications, including: Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc., Fortune Small Business, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, The Washington Post, among many others.

Well regarded as a speaker and consultant – consistently rated as one of the top two speakers at events where I present

Successfully coached more than 1,000 clients during career to date

Developed and created
curriculum for four well-known
coach training schools

Author of five books

Publisher of IM For the Rest of Us digital magazine. Reached #9 on iTunes at first publication.

These are just a few of my achievements.

I am never quite sure about how much to say about myself, because after all, the focus of our work together is you, not me. Still, I hope this brief glimpse into my areas of expertise and achievement will help you make a decision about whether my talents and knowledge would be an asset to your business.

I feel very confident that I can deliver on my brand promise of helping you become more profitable and more popular online. I bring a unique blend of big vision strategy combined with implementation systems to turn strategy into action, and action into results. I move quickly from idea to implementation to result. We’d be a good fit you are looking to do the same.

I work best with clients who want to partner with me to help them be successful; and who are open to ideas and suggestions that can help them improve their results. I hope this gives you a sense of who I am and what I bring to our working relationship.

My company and its vision are supported by more than 70 team members who bring a wide variety of skills to advancing my business goals and supporting our clients to reach theirs.

Our number of site visitors continues to increase, our social media presence is growing, and our newsletter subscriptions and paid registrations have both increased. If you are looking to grow your site traffic and put your business in front of clients looking for you – hire Rachna.

Robert Finklestein

Working with Rachna helped me launch my most successful program to date. I increased my enrollments by more than 6x due to her coaching and support. She is warm, encouraging, and personable- everything I want in a coach.

Brigit Esselmont

Since working with Rachna we’ve launched our most successful group programs and service offerings, and increased average monthly revenue by 295%. Her deep understanding of customer needs and behavior has helped us whip a chaotic business model into shape – and given us a clear path forward.

Abe Crystal

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