Profitability and Popularity in Your Business

Hi, I’m Dr. Rachna Jain- and welcome to my site. You may not know a lot about what I do, so please let me explain what Profitable Popularity is, and how it might relate to you. First, a bit of background:

I’ve been working online since 1998, which is practically the dawn of the Internet. In my work as a content and search engine marketer, I’ve had the distinct privilege of working with some of the most well known authors, speakers, and consultants in the world. These are people whose influence extends globally, and whose communities number in the millions. These are people you definitely know by name.


How I Can Help You

At the same time, I’ve also had the distinct privilege of working with passionate and heart driven entrepreneurs- coaches, consultants, and healers- all of whom want to make a difference while they make a good living. These are people you may not have heard of, yet, but who are making their mark in the world and steadily gaining traction.

When new potential clients come to work with me, our conversations often begin with a discussion of profitability and popularity in their businesses.  To my way of thinking, profitability is how much money you make, while popularity is how many people you know who can help you make that money. Now, of course, I don’t mean to sound like money is the only thing- certainly, people derive many other satisfactions from their businesses. But what I see, often, is that people will often chase popularity (measuring or noting how many friends, followers, fans they have) rather than examining their profitability (how many of those friends, followers, fans are actually purchasing regularly, or, even, at all).

Let me share one example.

In one instance, I worked with a woman who had more than 800,000 Twitter followers when we first spoke.  Clearly, she was masterful at gaining attention. She had the popularity thing down. But, and this is so common in the people I work with- for all her popularity, she was barely making any money. She had not found a way to leverage her followers into a tangible asset in her business.  And she really wanted to.

In this case, what we did together was examine what she most wanted to provide her community and in what format. We determined, together, that she wanted to set up a membership model where people could access information from her on a regular basis, at a moderate fee.  In her case, this was an excellent profitability to popularity match, because she had a large enough community (i.e. enough popularity) that, even with a moderate membership fee, she would be very profitable.

What I ended up doing for her, then, was building her a membership site and setting up her sales page. I gave her a list of strategies she could use in her social networks and other marketing to send people to her sales page. I also completed some marketing activities for her, including search engine optimization and content placement. Simultaneously, I also tested the rate of conversion (i.e. how many people signed up for her membership as a function of how many people visited the sales page) and we, eventually, got this to a 50% conversion rate. This meant that, for every two people who visited her sales page, one would sign up. Ultimately, together, we got her site producing at the rate of high five figures in just two months; which was a testament to the strength of connection she had with her community, combined with some good, solid internet marketing strategy and skills. How wonderful!

Moving Forward

This is just one example of the magic that happens when your popularity meets your profitability. This is one of my most favorite experiences to share with a client- the place where the intangibility of their influence and reach suddenly becomes real- in the form of actual dollars and opportunities into their business.

Often, people who are great at building community aren’t always able to see how to move their community into becoming true fans- the kind that buy, over and over.

Though, consider this: if you were to build a community of 10,000 true fans, each of whom spend just $100 with you each year, you’d be making $1 million dollars per year.

Using content and search engine marketing is one way to boost leverage and create more value from the community building you’re already investing in.

When you focus on profitability that is aligned with your popularity, you have Profitable Popularity- the absolute best of both worlds.


Wondering if I might be able to help you become more profitable and popular?

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